Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm leaving this here as an open letter to Janice Osborn and the rest of the Osborn family. I will not reply to any comments you leave because we have nothing to debate. 

So your daughter Keli was arrested and charged with having a methlab in the garage of your house on Cable Street. The same house that was raided a few years prior when a few Marijuana plants were found growing inside around the kids. Why bring both of these up? Because in both instances, rather than taking responsibility for what you were doing wrong, you were very quick to point your finger at my wife and I as being the informant..or "snitch" as you seem fond of calling it. Now why would someone do such a thing? Why would family inform on family? It doesn't make any sense does it? No...and it doesn't to me either. 

I've often thought that my name must have a wonderful taste to it because you all seem to enjoy having it constantly in your mouths. Now while at times this amuses me, it's getting kind of played out anymore. I'm not a perfect person but I'm a lot better than I once was. One thing I've never been is an informant for the police, DEA, FBI, CIA, or whoever you think I work for now. 

Honesty time; If it ever came down to my family or me having to wire up...I'd wire up with zero hesitation. If it was just my own ass on the line? Then I'd do what I've done in the past and lawyer up and hope for the best. Here's the real headline though guys...I don't put myself in those kinds of positions any longer. I've retired. I hung up my jersey. I got clean and got out of that type of lifestyle for a reason and that reason was to better my damn self and everyone around me. 

I've done things I'm not proud of...things that I regret. Haven't we all? But I've never once lied about any actions I've ever taken. Had I been the one who told the police about your methlab then I'd tell you I did it right to your face and you'd do nothing. None of you would do a single thing. 

That being said, I'm not scared. WE are not scared. Stop calling teenaged members of my family who have absolutely nothing at all to do with any of you or with any of this. See, I know it was you Janice and LeAnne because you gave yourselves away numerous times. You people are not smart and quite frankly it's embarrassing that you would act in such a way. If you want to speak to me or to my wife I'm sure you know better ways to get in touch with us. 

I've heard your logic behind your wild accusations and I must say...really? We did  not want the house. That house is in dire need of repairs and is, to be quite frank with you, disgusting. Not to mention that I don't think I'd feel comfortable having my family live in a house that holds such horrible memories for my wife. I'll speak no more of those memories for now but I want you to know that I know everything. 

In closing I would like to say this: We are not your "snitches". We don't reside in that little underworld/subculture of yours anymore. You may never find out who your rat was but I can tell you this...if you don't grow pot or have methlabs in your garage nobody can snitch on you and get you in any trouble. See how that works? You want to blame someone? Go take a long look in the mirror. YOU fucked up, not us. YOU have all lost, not us. 

If you ever have something to say...any of you...get ahold of me and we can set up a time to sit down and talk. There's no need to play games on Topix or making phone calls to people who couldn't possibly give any less fucks about you. I'm younger than most of you in years but guys...don't you think maybe it's time to grow up? 

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