Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frickin' Frickers


   I've told you before that I reside in a pretty stereotypical small town in Ohio. Most new business have to do with food. We've had two new restaurants open up in buildings that were previously closed down. We have more banks and pizza places than some nearby cities that are quite a bit larger than us. And the people here ... ugh, the people here. I'll touch on that here in a bit. 

     Last week we got a Frickers in our old Fashion Bug building. It of course was huge news to everyone. No seriously, this is the town where people drive around in circles uptown, sit in empty parking lots (There's even one for the regular people and one for the rednecks, even though everyone is a redneck), and they also drive out to our local Wal-Mart Super Center and act like it's a mall open 24 hours on the weekend. So yes, this new sports bar themed restaurant was a big deal to all those simple minded people, local alcoholic bar hoppers, and most of the other cruddy people who couldn't manage to snag a job anywhere else locally because they were too well known as being far from the employable type (the person hiring was from out of town). 

     So now our town has a frickin Frickers ... joy. It's been fairly packed in there since they opened last week but only because it's new and people flock to anything new in this town like moths to a porch light. I've done a few drive-by's and noticed quite a few people I'd never want within 100 feet of anything I was planning to put into my mouth. A couple were employees and the rest were just the typical bar hopping crowd I was talking about earlier. 

-Frickers Van Wert's, new cook.-
     I don't really know why I'm rooting against this place so much. I didn't get hired, but then again I never filled out an application because I didn't want to work in another restaurant. I need more money than an after school job  could offer me so I passed on even trying to get hired for that reason among many others. Nonetheless, I am just waiting for the day this place starts doing bad and they have to close up shop. It's a day that will no doubt come in time. Once the newness of the frickin' place wears off, the bar hoppers go back to their usual watering holes, and people realize how mediocre the food really is. I'm giving them a year to two years tops before they buy a big closed sign to permanently hang in their windows. 

     I'm leaning towards them not making it for those reasons and the fact that they don't tend to do very well or get very good reviews in any city, even bigger ones. Here is a link to a Google search I did on, "Frickers Consumer Complaints". 

                                         Frickers Consumer Complaints 

Here is a link to show you a little of our towns finest as well as their early reviews of Frickers:                    Click Here

And yet another Frickers hate page : Frickers Sucks

     Okay, so with that being said I think we can all agree that the general consensus is that Frickers isn't all that great. That's why they came to our town. We never get anything good like a Buffalo Wild Wings =) 

     A big reason I'am loyally boycotting the place is because of the type of people they hired and because I hate the owner with a real passion. She owns another place in town and is a real bitch. I'm not sure if she actually owns the place or just manages it but either way, she sucks and I urge you to boycott the place as well just because of those reasons or for reasons of your own. Go eat there, that should give you reason enough. 

     And as always, you don't have to agree with me. You could always go eat there and like the place. So if you choose to go that route then please email me and let me know. I'll even buy you a pop...

Here's to you my Frickin Friends!

 PS... Here is the link to their Facebook page and the reason I've been corny as hell and used the work "Frickin'" so much. I was just making fun of them. 

                                      Frickers Facebook Profile.                               


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