Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yo Dawg

     I've decided to start something new with this blog. Every week I am going to use my Facebook page to hold a little contest for the topic of the week. I will pick the topic that I think best suits this blog and my mood for the week and roll with it. For those of you not yet friends on my Facebook page my profile is located here:
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     The winner for this week is Jeff Kennedy with the topic of white people who try to act black A.K.A. "Wiggers".So let's get started with this one. 


     First and foremost I want to state that I am a tad bit racist. Won't try to bullshit you there as I know I will be accused of it after this post anyways so why not start out with a little honesty? I'm not Neo Nazi, KKK, skinhead racist by any means. I'm more of the if I see a group of black guys standing outside the gas station I'm gonna lock my car and set the alarm type of racist. The reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to know that my hatred for wiggers has nothing at all to do with my slight racism. 
     There is no doubt in my mind that you all have encountered a wigger at least once in your life. You have seen the XXXL shirts and pants on a small body. You have heard the accent they have developed as you have no doubt heard the rap music bumping from the car their mother bought them. They are indeed one pathetic spectacle. For those of you who have yet to witness one of these fucktards...I present to you :


     Yeah, it's really like that.  I guess I just don't get it. I get the cause of this mass confusion these idiots are experiencing. It's rap music. These Lil Wayne wannabes think that this is the lifestyle they want. They call them wannabes for a reason. They wannabe black. They wannabe gangsta. They wanna be hood.  Sadly, they are none of the above. 
     No city in America is immune to it. Even in my little town in Ohio I see them on a daily basis. All I can think is that nobody whose town is surrounded by corn fields can even come close to being gangsta. I tend to wonder how they got started. I mean, what led them to this life of trying to act black? Did they just pop in a Tupac album and then it was awn yo? Did they get anally penetrated by a black man? Now that I think about it, it was probably the Tupac thing. You don't see many molested children growing up to be Catholic priests. 
     So anyways, these kids throw in a Tupac album and then think they are the hottest thing on the streets. They run out to the mall and buy them some G Unit jeans, a FUBU shirt, and some fake bling and think that now it's cool to refer to everyone as their "niggas". 
The saddest, most pathetic goddamn spectacle in the world is a wigger who has decided to continue his wiggerdom past the age of 18. These aging degenerates can usually be found hanging out in empty parking lots telling fraudulent fight stories to young wiggerlings in training. Their stories usually consist of something like this: "Yo dawg you gotta hear this shit yo. So me n my niggaz was at da crib and shit and we smoked 6 blunts in 5 minutes yo then we went out and this nigga wanted to run his jaws at us yo so we all fucked his ass up nigga and was all like now what nigga.". There are many variations of this story but the basic principle is always the same. The worst part of all this is that the wiggerlings actually look up to these idiots and in turn become wiggers themselves and thus the cycle continues onto another generation of people who look like this:


                                               Or this

Will the insanity ever end? I doubt it. There will always be white kids who for whatever reason will want to emulate black culture. Why, given the choice, anyone would want to be black is beyond me. Wiggers are just one of the many types of people that this society of ours has shat out of it's red, white, and blue asshole who ought to be...in the immortal words of George Carlin, "Beaten with heavy mining equipment.".


  1. People...mostly males between the ages of 15-25 turn into "wiggers" for this very reason --> they can not accept that they are losers. So they try, try being the keyword, to make a different identity for themselves that they "think" is one better than they are. NOT!

    Also, it's very easy for these mainly poor people, to run to a Salvation Army/Goodwill store and purchase ( or steal if you're trying to be a true "wigger" ) some cheap, mismatched, ill fitting clothing & think you're instantly popular & good looking. Not to mention the "put in your 25 cents, turn the lever & getcha a nice set of bling for your teeth".

    They just don't realize that being just a loser...is wayyy better than being a "wigger".

  2. i could only think of one reason why these social parasites would want to be black and the answer lies just below the waist. lmao. besides that, i am fucking clueless as to why you would want to be someone that has been socially rejected in this country for 200 years. my guess. neurological disorder.

  3. Hey this is the only place I could find that allowed me to post a comment back to ya.... i think your blog page is doing great and I LOVED the post about Christopher!! NOW I AM WAITING ON THE ONE YOU PROMISED ME YOU WOULD DO THIS WEEK!!!!