Monday, July 25, 2011

A Disgusting Tale Of Animal Abuse

     A couple of days ago a good friend of mine, Tony Martinez, wrote a letter into our local online newspaper. The story is pretty hard to try to describe so I'm just going to post it here :

Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2011
Guestbook entry by: tony martinez

I have finally decided to share this concern with the local community and anyone else you readers might think would be extremely concerned...

Now before i get started i would like you, the reader to figure how many days it has been from June 26th until now...that's right. A month. NOW imagine a house as filthy as the houses you would see on an episode of Animal Hoarders. Can you imagine the stench of animal waste and dying or dead "pets" which have been left unfed and unattended to?

almost a month ago we lost our neighbor. A sweet and kind old lady who lived in this house and i must admit, she had way more than she could care for all by her lonesome...but she tried, bless her heart...she tried.

On June 26th she passed away. But this isn't about her...this is about her pets that she loved. Her house was padlocked by a man who claimed to be the "exectutor of her estate." He vowed to take care of the animals even if it meant having to put them down and to tell you the truth, that would have been best fo them. But what DID he do? Absolutely nothing for a month.

Today, July 24th i ran into him and questioned him on the matter of the animals. He walked away and would not speak to me. As he got into his car i told him that what he did is inhumane. Animals have been locked in the house for a month and a few days ago Buckeye Extermination showed up and tossed two or three "bombs" into the house and closed the door. No ventilation in this's not rocket science.

A neighbor looked into the window and spotted a dead kitten on the floor. Can you readers imagine the pain and suffering whatever was in there had to endure before finally their long and agonizing suffering came to an end?

What kind of dog warden tells you "leave the doors open so they can just get out...thats the best chance they have" ? With an already over-population of strays in this city why would our dog warden tell relatives to turn them loose? Why wouldn't he just come and get them along with the few dogs and euthanize them?

A few weeks before that our neighbor was sent to the hospital. while there her relatives showed up with a gallon jug of water only once or twice...since June 26th they haven't even gotten THAT!

The police dept. (VWPD) wanted nothing to do with the situation. They just gave us the dog warden's number. Of course, "leave a message at the beep" was the only result

So where does responsibility lie? "The executor" ? the dog warden ? VWPD ? Dead-beat relatives who ramsacked the deceased's home, already in a state of health concerns??? These "vultures" as i called them walked in, looked for valuables and left and it was "the executor" who let them in, all the while never even worrying about the welfare of the pets. The doors were once again padlocked and never opened until this week when the exterminators tossed bombs in the house and left. It is sad to see this house everyday knowing that we couldn't legally help these innocent animals...and that local authorities WOULDN'T help. This is where it ALL starts. You "dead-beats" who brought pain and suffering to helpless animals will answer someday and i hope it'll be soon. I have started looking outside of VW in hopes that we can get answers. What these people did is animal cruelty to the fullest extreme and it should be documented with all names named and finger pointing will not be neccessary. I'll keep checking in and answer questions if any.
     How does that make you feel? As an animal lover and a person who likes animals more than I do most people ... it truly angers me. Not only that something like this happened but that something like this was allowed to happen by our local police department and our local dog warden. Our local warden is totally worthless anyways. Whenever you call him you always go straight to voicemail and you have to have a name like Laudick or Purmort to get a call back. Those are "higher ups" names for those of you who are not local. Basically these people get special privileges in just about every way possible. This isn't about that though, this is about those poor animals who were forced to die a painful death inside that house. 

     I almost doubt that Buckeye Exterminating knew of the animals being in the house at the time. I bet the executor of the house told them to just toss the bombs in and that nobody would be in the home including the animals. On the other hand if they did know about it then something ought to be done to them as well. 

     A relative of mine has been in touch with the head of the ASPCA and hopefully something will happen and the people responsible can be punished like the pieces of shit that they are. My point in this blog is simply to get Tony's message out there a little more. The more people that know and the more people who make phone calls then the better the chance of getting justice for those animals. So I urge my readers to call the ASPCA, PETA, anyone you can think of who could help in this matter and let's accomplish something in this otherwise non-accomplished little town. Below are some links if you're interested in making any phone calls or sending letters or emails. Anything helps. . As always, thanks for reading. 

        ASPCA Contact Information

         PETA Contact Information

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