Monday, December 20, 2010

My Life Is Changing

This post is another one that is a little personal to me. My average audience may not find this of any interest as it has to do with my personal life. Nonetheless I suggest you read on...especially if you are one of my friends.

     For years and years I was in trouble with the law. Be it with drugs, alcohol, or just plain stupid shit I did for "fun" I was constantly in trouble and am still to this day well known at the local Police Department. My life revolved around probation and parole. Mandatory urine test, court dates, curfews, and rules and regulations. My life was pretty fucking negative in just about every aspect. 

     Things have changed and they have changed for the better. I am now a husband. A father. I am no longer in any kind of trouble with the law whatsoever. I put my family before any and every single thing in my life. I have grown up and you know what? I like it this way. 

     Tonight I ended an almost nine year friendship with a man I considered to be family, almost a brother to me. I'm not going to go into details as to why for two reasons. 

                  1. It is nobodies business.
                  2. It really does not make a difference in what I am about to say.

     Some of my friends have yet to hit the point in their life where they have grown up. They still act the way I did in my teen years that I just described in the beginning of this post. Some of them are still in trouble with the law CONSTANTLY. Some of them still put drugs and Alcohol before anything else in their lives. Some of them still have the fuck everybody attitude. Some of them still just don't understand what life is really about. Some of them pretty much act like this:

Why is my life so horrible?


     So here is the deal. I am no longer going to allow any form of negativity to enter my life. I am no longer going to be friends with anyone I consider still a child. Anyone who has the attitude and mentality that I described above is no longer my friend . I don't care how long we have been friends or if I just met you the other day. This is my life and quite frankly I am tired of it. I can not hang with the same people my entire life and wonder why nothing changes. So basically what I am trying to say is this...if you match any of the descriptions I described above then....

It means so much more in real life.

I'm serious about this people. Grow the fuck up. Life isn't about who can beat who up. And on that note, if you have to solve every problem you come across in life with violence well then it truly shows you're intelligence...or a lack thereof I suppose I should say. But really, life isn't about shit like that. It's not about drinking and drugging. It's not about court dates, probation officers, and legal trouble. It's not about being so fucking negative about EVERYTHING all the damn time. You want to know what it is about? It's about being there and being true to you're friends. It's about love and respect for the people who give those two things back to you. It's about cherishing every minute that you have to spend with you're family. And all in all, in the end, it's about enjoying the ride. 

     So that is my new philosophy  people. Like it or leave it but my motto is:

Go somewhere else!


  1. Great Blog Johnny! You know I agree with you :)) And i'm proud of you! Doing this you will end up strengthening yourself! I guess it's kinda like your becoming aware of what kind of friendships are unhealthy for you. It's like back in high school when gossip ruled everyones life to an extent and now no-one needs it! And All the ways you use to connect with old friends no longer feel good. Many of them just seem off. You want to tell them about what’s happening with your marriage but you know they’ll just tell you that your wife’s a bitch or your husband’s a loser, so you don’t say anything.
    I'm sorry to hear about the break of a friendship after 9 years! Keep your head up, which i know you will :))
    I guess this is one of those things that everyone goes through and nobody wants to talk about! But good luck! & Congratss! :))

  2. i agree life is so hard as it is then to add drugs and Alcohol in it to so called make your self feel better is just not the way to go about it!

  3. Thanks guys...and Anonymous, I know who you are and thanks for being one of my TRUE friends.

    Amber: I couldn't have described it any better myself. Excellent analogy.

    Today is another day and honestly I feel MUCH better knowing that this person is no longer a part of my life. As said before...It's all a part of growing up. When we grow up we do away with old things...our old toys,our old clothes, our old habits. Often times we try to take our old friends with us and keep them as friends. Sometimes we realize though that some of those friends we took with us from childhood haven't yet quite grown up and carrying around a friend like that is similar to still carrying around an old childhood toy. There is just no use for them anymore, no place in you're life for them. So what do you do? You get rid of them.

    Again, thanks for commenting guys. And most of all...thanks for understanding!

  4. Hahaha, johnny is so full of shit saying some of his "friends" still need to grow up when he's still a child himself. Always talking shit about people on facebook and topix but can never seem to say it to someones face? Yeah, what a real man. But oh wait, his wife is just as badass for yelling bitch out of a car but I bet the cunt wouldn't say it to someones face. Johnny murphy is the biggest piece of shit van werts ever seen.

  5. The comment above is from Kirbi Smith. She is the bitch of Dusty Glossett. Both of them are pieces of shit. According to Dusty's gay brother Kori Glossett he was walking with Kirbi when Bean yelled "bitch" to her out of the window. The thing is...we didn't even see it who it was walking with him. We just knew it was Kori and called Kori a bitch because .... well because he's a bitch, lol. Had I known it was Kirbi I'd have been tempted to stop the car just to spit in the cunts face and I'd have done that personally, lol. I guess for some reason this hoebag still thinks she is on my radar. Fuck it...if she wants to be she can be. My next blog will be about her and people like her. Stay tuned.